Lenku suspends revenue officers over corruption, replaces Chief of Staff

Governor Joseph ole Lenku has sent all Kajiado revenue officers on compulsory leave over alleged massive corruption.

First to be suspended was the director of revenue in the finance department. After him were the five officers in Kajiado East, Kajiado South, Kajiado West, Kajiado Central and Kajiado North constituencies.

Ole Lenku made the announcement on Thursday afternoon, saying tax payers’ money has been going to individuals' pockets at the expense of development.

“We cannot enrich individuals while our hospitals are in dire need of medicine and our roads need fixing,” he said.

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The county, he noted, is targeting Sh1.2 billion per year in revenue, up from the previous Sh600 million.

"Corruption in revenue collection has rocked the county and there is outcry all over. I have been getting reports from our people that revenue ends up in individuals' accounts,” said the county chief,

“We will not tolerate any corruption in the sector."

The tough-talking Governor said corrupt revenue officers are insensitive and indulge in dubious businesses for selfish gain.

"We will not tolerate anybody who plays around with residents’ revenue. Those found guilty of engaging in corruption will face disciplinary action," he warned.

He added: "We are recording increased business and revenue collection but no increase is accounted for."

Lenku further warned business persons evading taxes that they will not be spared.

The Governor then appointed three new directors to take charge of the sector. They are David Montet (director of licensing and permits), Vera Moraa (compliance and enforcement of revenues) and Janet Sereu (user-free & sales revenue).

The governor also said Leah Sankaire, who was Chief of Staff, will serve as Chief of Protocol and will be replaced by Rachael Shibaiira.

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