Python found in Butere house in suspected witchcraft

Residents of Ebusikaira village in Butere were Wednesday shocked after a preacher discovered a python in a house in the area.

Pastor Erick Mwanzala also discovered names of residents listed on a house wall against their sufferings.

Residents said witches were using the list to cast spells against them.

Mwanzala, a preacher at Galilaya c

Church in Busia, said he had been sent by God to relieve residents from their suffering.

“The Lord told me to come and exorcise devils that have caused untold suffering to residents of this area,” Mwanzala said. Lubale said children could not complete their education because of jealous witches.

“They either die or run mad. At Musere Primary School, at least two pupils must die every year. We have been wondering where the curse came from,” Lubale said.

The owner of the house where the python was discovered vanished as villagers sought to lynch him.

Residents have formed prayer groups and asked religious leaders to pray for them. “We seriously need to pray,” Musa Were said.

Were is suffering from a leg swelling. His name was on the witch list.

“It could be the reason behind my pain,” Were said.

The residents also blamed witchcraft for drunken youth and broken marriages in the village.

“When young people reach marrying age, they all start drinking cheap alcohol. There must be some force behind it,” Lubale said.

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