Raila’s oath threat a big joke, Kenyans need to move on

It is not clear what kind of swearing-in
Raila Odinga is going to have because he has his own resistance movement and
the secession thing. But if it is like the one of President Uhuru Kenyatta, then
he is attempting the impossible.

The Constitution of Kenya is very
clear: A President must be sworn in the presence of the Chief Justice.

When it comes to the real oath for
President, the Constitution, even before the current 2010 Constitution came
into force, prohibits anyone from even imagining being sworn
in as President because it is in law treasonable.

I fully agree with the interpretation
of Attorney General Githu Muigai.

But at the same time, I believe
Raila is just joking with his supporters. I don’t think his plan is viable.
From history, those who have done it successfully
first overthrew the government because they had the military on their side or significant
members of the military.

Guerrilla movements have shot their way into
power like – Yoweri Mueveni’s NRM and Paul Kagame’s TPF. But, so far, we have
not seen Raila in that kind of arrangement.

He is also not being insincere with his
supporters. He is playing games with his people and just wants them to keep
guessing and imagining that he is still on course to being the President of
this country.

That is not practical. A time has
come for Raila to let Kenyans move on generally with what they have been doing,
especially building this nation.

This country has really suffered
since August 8, because people thought they would vote and continue with their
normal lives, but, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Kenyans have also lost lives. I
don’t think Kenyans are ready to go on with this nonsense. Raila should also
rethink his plans. I have heard Uhuru mention repeatedly that he is ready
to reach out to any other politician to work together for the sake of this

Kenyans should now come together because we
all belong to this country. I like the spirit of unity the President
has adopted.

The country should now focus its
energy on the next three years of development to give President Uhuru time to
fulfil his campaign promises.

If he is a gentleman, Raila
should let this one go because Kenyans made the decision.
He should not push Uhuru.

The writer is a former Jubilee Nominated

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