Cancel Trans Nzoia farmers’ Sh400 million debt, Kuttuny tells Uhuru

Cherangany MP Joshua Kuttuny wants the government to write
off the Sh400 million debt owed by Trans Nzoia farmers.

Kuttuny noted the amount owed by central coffee farmers was written off three months ago. He said there shouldn't be regional discrimination in the delivery of services to members of the public.

“We are in the government so our people
should start realising the benefits of voting for Jubilee,” he said during a funeral in Tuigoin on Saturday.

“Just like the president [Uhuru Kenyatta] wrote off the debts of coffee farmers
in central, the debts of those in this region should also be cancelled. Army works and poor climate conditions resulted in poor yields."

He noted that once the Sh400 million that financial institutions are owed is cancelled, the farmers will collect the title deeds they gave as security.

“Farmers lose money every season repaying the loans. The president should help us in scrapping off the debt through the national debt write off programme."

Uhuru launched the programme in 2011 while he was the minister for finance.

Two months ago, he wrote off the Sh2 billion central coffee farmers owed while touring Kirinyaga county.

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Treasury released Sh797 million to eight financial institutions and unions
which gave farmers loans as part of the programme.

In the last financial year, the government allocated Sh500 million to the debt write off programme.

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