Lenku asks KWS to fence parks to end human-wildlife conflict

Kajiado governor Joseph ole Lenku will "do anything" to end human-wildlife conflict in the county.

He said this on Saturday and asked Kenya wildlife Service to fence all parks in the area, including Amboseli.

Ole Lenku cited Friday's case where residents killed seven elephants in Poka Kenyawa ward near Sultan Hamud in Kajiado East.

Thirty seven people have died in the last one year, he added, and accused KWS of not doing its job.

“The elephants were killed as residents were trying to protect their lives and farms. If KWS could do its job properly, all these conflicts would end."

The governor further said residents are angry as the agency does not compensate them when they are attacked and their crops destroyed.

Ole Lenku said the people do not get the five per cent of wildlife revenues that they are supposed to.

“The law also stipulates the compensation is to go to affected people but since it got into effect in 2013, no single compensation has been processed."

He noted that 80 per cent of wild animals in Kajiado are on people's farms while only 20 per cent in parks.

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The governor asked KWS to cultivate a better working relationship with the people of Kajiado.

"Denying them compensation won't help," he told the press after a week-long retreat in Diani, Kwale county.

He addressed the press flanked by other Kajiado leaders.

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